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The Antidote to Slow, Frustrating ETP Reporting

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) suggests using a consultant to submit training compliance information to ETP for large companies. Why not cut out the middleman while keeping the convenience and ease of working with a consultant?

Our ETP Compliance Software tracking tool is how we’ve managed over 300 of our clients’ projects for over a decade at Training Refund Group. Now this professional ETP compliance tracking software can be in your hands.

Our tracking tool gives you:

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Better Than a Consultant?

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) State of California recommends companies utilize a consultant to submit ETP training information. However, consultants who can navigate the cumbersome ETP portals are expensive . Also, while consultants process training rosters as efficiently as possible, they are still middlemen between your business and ETP. Our tracking tool, developed by Training Refund Group, simplifies the data entry process while maintaining the quality assurance of a consultant, and keeping your team in the driver’s seat.

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Improved User Experience

Tracking Tool keeps your user experience front and center. Our data entry screen screens are laid out to reduce scrolling and manual searching. Enhanced search capabilities also mean you can quickly find a trainee’s information with partial information, out of a pool of hundreds of participants. Meanwhile, ETP’s on line tools require exact searches on poorly laid out pages. Besides dodging a frustrating experience with ETP portals, Tracking Tool saves you time and money. By avoiding small, repetitive battles, you’ll easily save hours of work and hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars of dollars through Tracking Tool’s efficiencies.

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More Skilled Employees, Greater ROI

Those funds can go right back into investments in more training for more employees or resources and promotions for those already trained.

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